Welcome Zoe de Castro, our Research Assistant for Phase 2!

We are excited to welcome Zoe de Castro onto the team as the research assistant for Phase 2 of the project. Zoe recently completed her Masters of Agricultural Science (majoring in Food Sustainability) from the University of Melbourne. She is passionate about building food systems which are place-based, equitable, sustainable and climate-resilient. She has experience […]

ACHP @ the Doctors for Environment Conference

Project co-facilitators attended the 2022 iDEA Conference “Time to Act” in Naarm/Melbourne in early September 2022. Doctors for the Environment, Australia (DEA) is an advocacy organisation seeking to educate community and advocate for policy change in the climate and health space. They are incredibly well organised and ever-growing. The core membership is medical doctors (GPs […]

Why do we need to think about Indigenous Sovereignty in the lead up to COP26?

Industrialisation and colonisation go hand in hand. The development of fossil fuel technologies and the exploitation of land and water in unsustainable ways are products of the same historical processes as the violent taking of land and life from Indigenous people around the planet. What does climate action look like when it centres Indigenous knowledge […]

The Project Launch: September 2020

Before we had figured out the real details of the project, we a small COVID-Safe and COVID-limited launch on a freezing cold day in late September 2020. It was the first live music event that many of us had been to all year and depite the cold we realised the power of community gatherings. The […]