Home Grown Garden Tour 2024

The Home Grown Garden Tour 2024 is a “choose your own adventure” weekend for learning about the town’s hidden backyard produce!

Here’s how it worked … the weekend was a ‘choose your own adventure’ garden tour on 17th and 18th February 2024. You could visit 8 gardens across morning (10 – 12.30pm) and afternoon (1.30 – 4pm) sessions over both Saturday and Sunday. The gardens varied from regular sized domestic backyard gardens that were just impressively productive for food to inspirational hobby-permaculture farms off grid.

We sent ticket holders a link to download tour booklet (map and schedule) prior to the garden tour. In 2024, we had more tickets sold ever before with each ticket sold as “car” reflecting up to four or five visitors. We have a conservative estimate of over 300-350 people travelling around Armidale across the weekend.

The Home Grown Garden Tour was coordinated by Dr Nicolette Larder from Geography and Planning and supported by members of the Sustainable Living Armidale’s Local Food Group (Sujata, Jen, Mac, Kade, Lauren). For more information on SLA head to https://slarmidale.org/

Home Grown Garden Tour 2024
Wicking Bed Workshop at HGGT 2024

In 2022 we interviewed the gardeners and this is what they said about their work in the gardens: https://youtu.be/mkT538yn93w