Home Grown Garden Tour 2024

Armidale’s Home Grown Garden Tour was back in Feburary 2024!  The event was organised by the Armidale Food Group (Nikki, Mac, Sujata, Amy and Jen), many of whom are involved in the Armidale Climate and Health Project (UNE One Health) and connected to Sustainable Living Armidale.  On Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th February ticket holders were invited into the backyards of Armidale’s and surrounds local food growers in Armidale […]

Funding for Phase 2 of ACHP

HASS Academics Nicolette Larder and Jennifer Hamilton receive UNE Seed Funding for Armidale Climate and Health Project Phase 2 and the Food Group and the Armidale Climate and Health Project have joined forces to deliver it. This piece was written for the UNE Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Newsletter, January 2024. The Armidale Climate and […]

Designing Community Food Infrastructure

At some during the first phase of the Armidale Climate and Health Project we noticed that food systems were coming to the fore as central to the problem we were trying to address with this project. The global agrifood system (which incorporates agriculture, distribution, retail, consumption and waste management) is a central driver of climate […]

Being non-Indigenous allies in the Anaiwan Landback Campaign

As part of the Armidale Climate and Health project community consultation process we learnt was that care for Country was central for Indigenous community health and also planetary health. The question of how to be a non-Indigenous ally in this process was a really big question. We responded to it by thinking about the differences […]

The Home Grown Garden Tour

Climate and health seem to combine in the garden, being outdoors, hands in soil, healing for people, healing for place. As the project developed we increasingly realised the centrality of this kind of practical tending of a garden as one of the key actions that brings together climate and health. In building community and building […]

May 15 Open Day

On May 15 at the Aboriginal Culture Centre and Keeping Place we’re having an Open Day with music, information about the project and the very first Creek Walk along Black Gully creeklands! To register for this event go to Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-armidale-climate-and-health-project-open-day-tickets-151403031543